Goldco Review

With all of the economic uncertainty these days, many people are turning to gold for financial security. This is due to the fact that gold and other precious metals such as silver, palladium, and platinum tend to hold their values regardless of economic upheaval, unlike currency. That’s why today we’ll be taking a look at the company Goldco Precious Metals. In this Goldco Precious Metals review, we’ll go over all the important factors you need to know in order to make an educated decision about whether or not to purchase gold and other precious metals from this company. Let’s get started. Goldco Precious Metals Overview  As stated previously, Goldco Precious Metals, or just Goldco for short, is a company that sells precious metals to investors looking to protect their wealth. What sets Goldco apart from other similar businesses is the fact that they have compiled many positive testimonials, endorsements, and positive ratings on trusted sites like the BBB. This is impressive considering they’ve only been in business for just over a decade.  On top of offering a variety of gold and precious metal investment services, Goldco also has a blog to help educate people on topics such as inflation, price controls, and the likelihood of another recession. The blog is free and can be accessed simply by visiting their website. Goldco Services  Now let’s get into the meat of this review and take a look at Goldco’s services. It should be mentioned that while they do place a strong focus on selling precious metals to help with their client’s retirement, they also allow people to simply purchase precious metals outright if that’s what they want to do. Here are the main services offered by Goldco Precious Metals: Self-Directed Gold IRA  This service allows you to hedge your portfolio against downturns in the stock market with gold. Also of note is the fact that a self-directed IRA can have significant tax advantages. Self-Directed Silver IRA  Similar to the self-directed gold IRA, the silver version takes advantage of the high demand for silver and limited supply which drives its value up. This helps to protect its long-term value and secure your financial future. Buy Gold and Silver  If you don’t need any fancy plans you can purchase gold and silver directly to help supplement your retirement or simply to protect your wealth against inflation and the volatility of the stock market. Palladium and platinum are also available. Customer Resources  In addition to their services, Goldco has a variety of customer resources as well. We’ve already mentioned the blog, so we won’t go over that again here, but let’s take a look at some of their other customer recourses that you might find useful. Precious Metals Prices  Since you’ll likely want to know just how much your investment is worth at the time of your purchase, you can check out the Precious Metals Prices section of the Goldco website. Each of the metals they sell has its own page with a graph charting it’s value as far back as 1980. This is about as transparent as it gets and you will get to see exactly how the price of each metal fluctuates, and the overall pattern.   Access to this feature is 100% free, and you don’t need to sign up for anything. It’s all right there on the website. eBooks  Goldco has 15 eBooks which for you to download and enjoy. While you don’t have to pay anything to get these books, you do need to submit your first name and email address.  These eBooks are educational in nature and can help you better understand how gold and other precious metals can protect your wealth and retirement. Here’s a shortlist of some of the eBooks offered by Goldco: The Truth About Home Shortage IRAs How to Sell Gold & Silver How to Keep Your Gold & Silver Safe The American IRA & 401k Crisis Videos  Goldco also has 21 free videos on their website for you to enjoy as well. Topics covered in these videos include stock market correction, quantitative easing, geopolitical turmoil, and the value of Swiss gold and how it affects the market. It should be noted that one video titled “Brenda IRA Department” is unavailable at this time for unknown reasons. Goldco Reviews and Endorsements  As previously mentioned, Goldco has a ton of endorsements and positive reviews. Here is a brief list of some of the major endorsements Goldco has: TrustLink INC 500 Trust Pilot Consumer Affairs Accredited  Goldco has also been endorsed by celebrities such as Chuck Norris. Here is what he had to say:  “The only company that I recommend for gold and silver is Goldco.” – Chuck Norris  Goldco also has many 5 star ratings and testimonials from their customers as well. Here is a snippet from a testimonial from a satisfied customer:  “They were able to make the transaction comfortable and seamless and an overall great transaction. Pure professionalism at its best.” – Keith S. Are There Any Negatives About Goldco?  This wouldn’t be an unbiased review if we didn’t go over any negative aspects of Goldco. Doing a little digging we found that one employee posted a negative review on Glassdoor stating problems with the company CEO and upper management. It should be noted however that there are two other reviews on Glassdoor and that both are positive.  There are also some negative reviews on the Better Business Burau website with the most common issue seeming to be coins not being delivered on time or to the correct address. That said, there have only been six complaints in the past three years on the BBB, and Goldco retains an A+ rating overall. On top of this, a representative from Goldco took the time to address and attempt to resolve each complaint, something that’s actually quite rare for a company to do. Final Verdict  After taking a long hard look at Goldco Precious Metals it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. There are many positive attributes while comparatively few negatives if any. In addition to having many satisfied customers and endorsements, Goldco also offers a wide variety of free resources such as videos, eBooks, and graphs. Also, there are no major scandals that we’re aware of either, as is the case with many other gold and silver dealers.  Our final score for Goldco Precious Metals is a rock-solid 5/5.

Best Gold Investment Companies

For millennia, people have used gold to store value and ensure that they will always purchase essential goods like food in times of trouble. People invest in it today because the metal is a hedge against inflation and political instability. Many top investment advisors recommend allocating part of one’s portfolio into commodities, including some amount for gold. For those looking for a more tangible investment, there are few things better than owning gold. It can provide the security and peace of mind that paper investments lack when investing in one’s future. However, with its price fluctuating as often as other commodities’, sometimes bullion may be an even more brilliant idea over purchasing coins or bars from dealers, especially if you’re planning on holding onto your riches long term.  There is a consensus that cash will soon crash in value. Investing in cash-based assets at a time when gas prices are rising, inflation is at its peak, and the US dollar has been dropping for some time now seems unlikely to be profitable. I’ve done my research, though, and found five gold investment companies worth your money. #1: Goldco – Best Overall  This gold IRA company stands out from other investment companies in the USA, and it also offers a free guide on how to take your money and invest it into a Gold IRA. This guide provides several suggestions that any investor should consider. Taking control of one’s retirement is the very first point to consider. The occurrence of any dramatic economic changes can lead you to be concerned about your job security, the possibility of being laid off, as well as the possibility of losing funds set aside for your retirement. Even those who are brand-new to investing can attain freedom from traditional investing rules when investing with Goldco. Unlike the best gold investment companies out there, Goldco does not impose any restrictions or fees on its customers. If you invest with Goldco, you will encounter fewer restrictions than if you invested elsewhere. Since precious metals are not like traditional investments, they require a different approach. My perspective on investing has changed. Because of the changes in the economy, you must plan how you will support what you can save for retirement. Are we on the brink of becoming a cashless future? As a result, traditional forms of money such as coins and bills will cease to exist. Imagine the difference in your future if you invested your cash gradually into precious metals and gold now rather than waiting until paper money runs out. #2: Augusta Precious Metals  I have ranked Augusta Precious Metals as the second of my top five gold investments companies. On their website, Augusta clearly states that their mission is to provide peace of mind for their clients. When diversifying funds, it is crucial to work with specialists with real experience who understand precious metals in-depth. As soon as your Augusta Precious Metals account is opened, you will receive information regarding what Augusta Precious Metals can offer you, how the process will work, and what to expect from the process. Numerous company departments provide customer service services, such as a financial analytics department, a gold custodian department, or a legal department. In addition to not having to engage a lawyer, Augusta staff will handle your legal paperwork. Augusta Precious Metals offer a reasonable fee schedule. Most companies charge the highest fees during your first year. However, Augusta does not charge you a fee during your first year. They will reduce your annual cost in the future to a mere $180. They have one of the highest minimum investment levels, at $50,000 #3: Birch Gold Group  Birch Gold made my top 5 list of gold IRA companies for numerous reasons. The company has been in business much longer than most competitors and has set itself apart from other investment companies from the beginning. By providing constant information to their clients, Birch Gold Group ensures that they can make informed investment decisions. Birch Gold, an industry leader, and veteran has been serving precious metals IRA custodians since 2003, making it one of the best in the industry. They not only specialize in silver and gold but also go on radio shows to share their knowledge. Their office is based in Burbank, California, but they assist investors across the nation. Providing answers to challenging questions is Birch Gold’s goal and ability. In these moments of economic uncertainty, it is more apparent than ever before that the economy suffers. Therefore, preparing for retirement and having physical gold and silver are equally important. Gold and silver are both physical commodities, so why should you buy them? An individual can invest in physical assets wherever they live. #4: Regal Assets  One of the reasons I admire Regional Assets is that a young man founded it. Investing with small funds was a wise decision for the young entrepreneur Tyler Gallagher. He was successful in the end. Today, Regal Assets offers both traditional brokerage services, as well as gold and silver IRAs. Since he possessed extensive experience in alternative assets, he wished to assist as many people as possible in navigating the complex terrain of finance. Investing is not for everyone, so he wanted to keep it simple. Whether you are an amateur investor or an experienced one, Regal Assets can help. Alternative assets rank among the firm’s top expertise areas as well. A significant event is always considered when Reuters mentions it. As a result, Reuters announced they had ranked Regal Assets 20th nationwide based on the INC. 500 financial services list. This is a significant step for the financial sector in terms of diversity and finance. In comparison to their competitors, Regional Assets requires a minimum investment of only $5,000 per year. Additionally, their fees are low. No percentage is charged; instead, it charges $250 a year, out of which the first year is free.  #5: Noble Gold Investments  How do you plan to retire? Retirement plans are essential. Beginning later in life is common for many people. Noble Gold Investments is a valuable resource for information. Planning for one’s future is one of Noble Gold Investment’s specialties. Noble Gold Investments offers a variety of options, including physical gold storage in their depository and gold/silver IRAs. Professionalism makes Noble Gold a good choice for clients who don’t like high-pressure sales tactics. Additionally, the company provides door-to-door services inviting individuals to learn more about gold IRAs. Apart from benefits like storage, Noble Gold is one of the first and only companies to offer gold and silver storage to aid families in protecting their gold investments, searching for a gold investment company that does not require a high initial investment? Noble Gold is the solution. Their minimum investment requirement is $2000. Investors who are constantly on the go can take advantage of the physical products Noble Gold offers to the home in addition to the other services they offer. A firm seeking to become a depository has to undergo a rigorous vetting process.